48 thoughts on “Calendar + Schedule of Classes

  1. This is my First time wanting to do ballet so I have no experience I’m 19years old, when’s the next drop in class and what should I bring?

  2. Hi!

    Is the adult Jazz class on Mondays still going on, and is that something I can drop into this evening?

    1. Well, I am sure we can accommodate you. We are a school based in technique and we are reasonably priced. We have classes on Saturday and Wednesday in Ballet and Tap for 5 year olds. We also have Hip Hop on Thursdays.

  3. I’m interested in coming to the adult tap classes. I will be a beginner. What type of clothes should I wear?

    1. We are revamping the schedule we are moving the class to Monday and hope to have drummers as well, but we are working on the time right now. The class will begin the first week of September. Please check the schedule during the first week for the updated time.

      Thank you!

      1. Hey Sistat…let me know if you are interested in a drummer for the African dance class…

  4. I am interested in an adult beginner tap dance class. I am excited to do tap because it is a creative craft that I have wanted to eventually pursue. Plz contact me because I just purchased Capizio tap shoes and want to tap just for fun and exercise as a fabulous sexy at 60 woman.

  5. Hello! I was browsing your website and was interested with what ballet drop for my 4 year old. Can get more information on it.

    Thank you

    1. Hello! We have several classes for for 4 year olds. Saturday 10-11 Ballet/ Creative Movement virtually, Wednesday Intro to Contemporary 6:15-7 virtually and Sunday 12:15-1 choreography in studio

  6. Hi I’m looking for dance classes and found your belly dance class! Is this still open for registration and is it online or in person? Thanks in advance!

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