S. Rene Hoffler, Owner / Instructor

S. Rene Hoffler
S. Rene Hoffler

BTATJ owner, Shaunga Rene Hoffler, has danced and choreographed for over 30 years and has educated students in many subjects including dance, reading, science, and math. She has had the distinct privilege of dancing with renown companies such as The DC Youth Ensemble, Capitol Ballet Junior Company, Jones-Haywood School of Dance, Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts, Ballethnic Dance Company, Doris Ray School of Dance and The Atlanta Dance Centre, and the Academy of Sports as a gymnast. When not instructing and dancing herself, Ms. Hoffler works as a licensed realtor (S. Rene Hoffler with Long & Foster of Mitchelville) as well as creates her own soaps, lotions and scrubs with Bee Hope Cosmetics.


Email: ballettapandallthatjazz@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “S. Rene Hoffler, Owner / Instructor

  1. Dear Ms. Hoffler,
    I, too, danced with Doris Ray and would love to talk to you one day. If you have time I may be reached at 615-573-4664
    Kay B

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